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There is a better way to distribute apps in China, especially for ironSource.
Chinese uesrs use local Android App Stores like Baidu Zhushou, 360, Wandoujia, but Google Play. So players didn’t need to play under the Google Play Rules like American.They can build rules themselves. This means a new possible to distribute apps.
in PC market, iS have mature technology called InstallCore to distuibute software agile and effective. But when mobile internet coming, it does't worked under the Apple and Google's Distuibution Platfrom anymore. If iS have own App Store, it possible to change this.
It's can be work in China.
iS can work with China local Android App Stores, transfer the PC InstallCore model to Mobile like that:
When User download the App,etc X, they download the AppStoreCore App (the mini App Store, which can help developers distribute their apps more effective like the InstallCore on PC,and monetize too).
After AppStoreCore installed and run, it will automatically download the App X. And when the App X download and install success, the AppStoreCore recommend users relate apps(First Distribute).
When users use the App X, developers can use mobileCore to monetise(Second Distribute).
Last, the AppStoreCore is easy for user to manage apps and find new apps(Third Distribute).
And again.
A new circle is born.
(Image from the iS official website)
This is the new story.
Some gossip:
Based on this report from TechCrunch 
and iS's close cooperation with Baidu's Internationalization Development.
I guess , the some of the largest known strategic partners in mainland China means Baidu.
If it ture , the New Story is easy to reach now, because Baidu Zhushou happened to be One Of China’s Leading App Stores in China.
Maybe, that is the reason why they hands together.